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    OK, brāļi and māsas Latvians here is the deal: come to Klaipėda! Nicely laid out port town, kinda like a mix of a summer resort and a normal town. In summer gets more crowded and fun, calm in other seasons. Almost no traffic jams (peak hours for driving are not for poker players anyway lol) small cosy old town with many places to dine and grab a drink but not too crazy. If you want to get crazy in summer you go to Palanga, other times poker action is too good, just grind :D! Close to the border in case you want to do a short drive to the motherland to blame government together with locals. I think Liepāja might be a good place for that. *In summer you probably won't get to Liepāja because in order to do that you would need not to stop at Palanga which is hardly packed with hot girls wanting to have fun and once you stop you probably forget where you were going in the first place. You still get to have a beach in case you Lived in Rīga/Ventspils/Liepāja/another beach town. Just take a ferry from the old town and in 10 minutes you are at the beach. No dealing with busses/cars/parking problems. My personal assistance with whatever questions you have regarding settling in
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    Officialy (by goverment rules) you cannot play on these sites, but everyone is still doing that
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